Who Am I Portraits

The Tween/Teen years can be hard. The changes that occur as a child goes from being a little child to a teenager can be confusing and awkward. 

At Photo-times Photography we want to celebrate these inbeTWEEN years well as those awkward teenage years by showing your children how incredible they truly are! 

A Who Am I Portrait Experience has a magical way of showing a child that they are unique and amazing individuals. 

We want to inspire confidence in themselves and give them the strength to face each day with courage and acceptance.

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Your Tween/Teen session includes:

✔️ 30-minute session: Your Tween/Teen can bring their favourite clothes, hobby or sport props, and let their personality shine through!

✔️ Questionnaire for parents: We will give you a series of questions to fill out about your Tween/Teen and ask for quotes from family members to weave into the story we tell about them in their portraits.

✔️Personalised gallery appointment: Relax in our cinematic viewing room to view your photographs and order the finished portrait art of your Tween/Teen.

Book now for £50

Our Who Am I Portraits are designed especially for children between the ages of 10-17. 

They are fun, relaxed sessions designed to engage your child with the camera and allow them to showcase all the different facets of their personality.

As part of the experience we ask family to fill out a questionnaire about their Tween/Teen. We take the quotes and words written and design them into the finished artwork created from the session. 

By reserving a Who Am I Portrait Session you are taking the first step in showing your child how much they are loved and how incredible you believe they are. 

Once they go through the experience and see the finished portraits, they will believe it too!

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A lifetime's worth of photographs, is a lifetime full of memories.


Step 1: Apply

Fill out the form above, complete with your payment details for the £50 Session Fee.

This will reserve a session for your child at our studio for the Autumn of 2021.

Step 2: We'll have a chat

Once your payment has been successful, we will call you to schedule the date and time of your session.

On the call we will go over all the details of the session, what to bring, how to fill out your parent questionnaire, and what your Tween/Teen should wear.

Step 3: Relax and Enjoy

Once your session date and time are confirmed get ready to enjoy this incredible portrait experience with your Tween/Teen. Relax and know that your child will absolutely love having a session All About Them!

After your session we will arrange for you to return to the studio to view your photographs and make your selections. 

Once the albums and/or wall collections are displayed in your home they will bring confidence to your Tween/Teen and joy to your heart.

Dear super-mum,

I'm sure you're finding it hard to believe that you're now preparing for your child to become a young adult.  How did that happen already? The changes your child will makes over the next few years as their mind and body changes, and they develop mentally with new life-skills, will be incredible.

Hi, I'm Elise, owner of Photo-times Photography.

You may have already begun to see a change in your child, that they are fluctuate between being cuddle-hungry to not speaking, or becoming emotional at the flick of a switch. If you're like me, you'll be amazed by the speed at which they can change their mood for the slightest of reasons. 

You, and they, deserve to have the most amazing portraits of them at this pivotal moment in their young  life, to help give them the confidence and knowledge that not only are they an amazing human being, but they are loved, no matter what happens, or how they're feeling in that moment! 

One of the most important things is to treasure all the lovely memories in your heart and in your home.

Let us help guide you on this journey through this part of their, and your, life and be a part of capturing these memories of your family.